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About Us

Afydecor is an online home decor brand bringing fine collection of international style furniture and decor accessories to the Indian masses. We aim to build homes that not just look but also feel beautiful. Every happy home is a reflection of the people that are a part of it. At Afydecor, you get an opportunity to express yourself through our premium collection of furniture. Carefully handcrafted, our collections’ are made to suit the likes and budget of an urban Indian.

The Founders

Afreen and Farid Khan together founded Afydecor as a means to give direction to their dreams and aspirations of bringing chic global designs to India.

Afreen Khan graduated as a Computer Engineer in the year 2000. She further went on to do her masters and got her ME degree a few years later from Mumbai University. A thorough listener and lover of knowledge and skill sharing, she opted to start her career as a professor at the K J Somaiya Institute of Engineering in Mumbai.

In 1995, Farid Khan graduated as a Computer Engineer from Mumbai University. Young and passionate, he held big dreams and aspirations to go beyond the humdrums of just following what is established. He wanted to create a mark with his business ideologies. He gave a start to his career as a Developer at Indusind Media & Communication and soon grasped the core workings of development and online marketing.

With lots in common, from likes in art and design to business, the couple together founded Afybiz Inc. in 2005, a web development-consulting agency. It is from here that they ventured into the world of fashion in 2008 with their leather apparel brand ‘Leatherfads’. With major success in their first venture, they expanded into the decor category with ‘’ in the year 2010.

Being enterprising entrepreneurs, they were always ready to embrace new ideas. An inspiration and a common interest in design is where it all started to eventually create and launch Afydecor in the winter of 2015.

The Inspiration

Back in 2013 when the co-founders of Afydecor–Afreen and Farid Khan took a long relaxing vacay to the European continent, they came across many interesting artefacts, paintings, fabrics, and furniture that carried strong design sense.

Each had a story to tell, a fine handcrafted history that made it unique. The effect, there was an immediate urge to buy the collection and to make it a part of their home. But due to the exorbitant prices, they could get few of the pieces back home. Interestingly, what they also got along was a new idea–an inspiration to introduce the fabulous Scandinavian, Danish, and Italian designs to the Indian audience.

The Challenges

Inspiration needed lots of brainstorming sessions to materialize. From tackling fund issues and space constraints to spotting expert carpenters that were highly skilled and experienced in furniture making, the journey was long but a revelation to the founders.

It needed a lot of hard work and dedication to see their dream come true. Determined to give home decor a new meaning amongst the Indian masses, the duo worked persistently towards building a brand that provides a blend of functionality and international designs at affordable prices.

The Launch and Rise

In the latter part of 2015, Afydecor was finally all set to launch. With nothing but Rs.4 lakhs of investment and a well-set plan backed by skilled craftsmen, this start up walked proudly into the home decor sector that was already the stronghold of many established players from the home decor arena.

Challenges were hurled at the team every single day, but there was a passion to achieve great heights by providing to it its audience what they desired–a beautiful home. Afydecor has a ground-breaking set of features that set it apart from the rest. It created a niche, a position for itself in the market amongst the biggies. Global furniture designs and a variety of choices in furniture gave the brand an eclectic persona.

In the coming months, Afydecor proved that elegance need not come only in highly priced products; it was just a matter of design and choice. In a short span of time, with rising sales and happy customers, Afydecor is now a fast growing home decor platform that showcases not just its brand but that of various other skilled craftsmen and their work.