10 Essential Decor Items That Complete Your Home

  • March 18, 2017
  • By admin

Are you on a quest to complete the look of your new home? One that speaks about your taste and style. The key is home accents that is decor items. These add an element of wow and complement the interiors.

To be anxious and a bit stressed over the look and feel of one’s home is normal. After all, be it new or a renovated one, we all desire to live in a space that is beautiful, homey, and appealing. Decor items also called home accents are very useful in building a theme and creating an ambiance of one’s choice. But, with the plethora of options available, selection can be an overwhelming and challenging task. Besides, you do not want to end up with a mediocre looking home. Interior or apartment decorating may sound fun and interesting provided planning and a dose of discretion is accompanied. Mind you, it will go a long way and help save time, money and possible regrets.

Here are 10 essential home decor items you cannot go wrong with. These will help create that inspirational home decor you have been wanting. Get creative and complete the look of your home interiors tastefully with the listed home accents available on various online home decor stores.

IMG #1_Mirrors

Source: westelm/wisteria


Accent mirrors in rectangular, sphere and octagonal shapes make for elegant additions. A pair of well-positioned mirrors brightens up the space and creates a spacious and airy looking home interior. If choosing a full size mirror, place it against a wall either behind or besides a piece of furniture. Hang medium and small ones above the sofa, console table or sideboard. Pair different shapes and sized mirrors together to add a touch of pizzazz.

IMG #2_Plants

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A sign of beautiful home interiors is the use of indoor plants. They look great and when incorporated in a room, they infuse life, colour and charm like none. True essentials of home decor. If you want your space to breathe, look more than liveable with a touch of luxury, they are your best bet. And, the best part is they look wonderful with any sort of decor. Just pick the ones you connect to.

IMG #3_VasesSource: pinimg


Next option in essential home decor items are vases. They are a smart way to add instant beauty and finesse to the decor. It does not matter if its glass, ceramic or a bone china vase as its exquisiteness lies in its elegant and charming form. A good vase offers versatility in terms of usage allowing you to use it in traditional style with flowers or plain and even in pairs, often with vases of other shape, size and colour.

IMG #4_TraysSource: amazonaws/squarespace


A tray works wonder as it accents and accessorises a spot without any fuss and is very useful in creating a cohesive look and style. It is easy to use and offers maximum visual impact. Mix and match different decorative and non-decorative items in it and see it lend an endearing style quotient to the space it is added. The tray is an ideal companion of the coffee table, console table, sideboard and even nightstand.

IMG #5_CushionsSource: u-nizwa/designmag


Cushions aka throw pillows are a staple of any good interior decor. One of the most versatile decorative items you can have to accent the living room and even the bedroom. How? Cushions are nifty as they tie the room and the many design elements involved and help achieve an attractive and cohesive space. Cushions of different sizes and colours add variety and being interchangeable help create visual interest irrespective of the furniture they are paired with.

IMG #6_Wall ArtSource: shopifyabeautifulmess/

Wall Art

A great way to liven up the walls is wall art. Accent mirrors count but I will be specific. With wall art I mean wall murals, framed artwork, tapestries, wall decals, and wall art sculptures (two-dimensional pieces). Options are plenty and each come in host of styles like modern, traditional, and abstract and in numerous themes to suit the look you intend to achieve. They need not be expensive; they simply have to be meaningful.

IMG #7_Area RugsSource: chohoalac/magic4walls

Area Rugs

If sophistication is on your mind an area rug is what you need. They offer great look and feel and that is literally courtesy a fine blend of design and soft texture. Area rugs make excellent home accent for besides adding impressive design value to the floors they help transform the look of a space. With a good area rug you can unite the different elements in a room and create an enhanced and cohesive look that is timeless.

IMG #8_LampsSource: minas3d/josianneparadis


A home decor is dull without lighting and what better way to evoke warmth and glee than lamps. A best bet when it comes to home accents for they make wonderful lighting options unlike overhead lighting and present a tasteful look to the space. Based on the look you intend, choose wooden or metal. However, be it a table or floor lamp; make sure you thoughtfully choose the lampshade in terms of colour, size and even design for it will say a lot more.

IMG #9_CandlesSource: livingsweetliving/maudinteriors/architecturendesign


Under lighting options, candles come as another worthy inspirational home decor item. These make lovely home accents, especially, if you are keen on mood lighting. They are very effective and fit into the decor easily. Whether it is the living room, dining room or the bedroom, candles are perfect for creating a cosy, intimate and inviting ambiance. Candles are available in wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and scents to suit your taste and help create the look you desire.

IMG #10_CurtainsSource: evbuc/alicdn


Effective as they are, curtains lend character to a space. Besides, you can achieve a sleek yet understated look without splurging a lot. Curtains lend a subtle way to add pop in terms of colour and bold patterns without being too loud. Choose curtains depending on the look and style you intend to give your rooms. Remember, you can make an impressive lifestyle statement through them if rightly teamed with the furnishings in your space.