2017 Trend Updates on Home Decor

  • September 11, 2017
  • By admin

Are you bored of seeing your aging home interiors every day? Then it’s time for a makeover. Want to know what is trending in the world of home decor this 2017? It might be just what your home needs for an update in living elegantly.

If you are a person who loves to be up to date with current trends and live on par with everything chic. Then this article is for you. Read on to know what is trending in the world of home decor in 2017 and how you can make your home stand out

Colour of 2017

Pantone has forecasted Greenery as the colour of 2017. From nail paint to apparels, cars to home interiors will witness the use of this fascinating shade. You can pep up your interiors by painting with various hues of green. Dark shades of green and blues are accompanying colours which will trend in 2017. In contrast to dark shades, mute colours like blush pink, beige and pale gray are perfect choice for subtle shade lovers. Prominent colour of 2016 like gray will continue to reign.

Tropical Prints

Paint a wall with tropical designs or flamingos for visual interest. Add an accent chair or a chaise lounge with floral print upholstery to experience a forest-like feel at home. It’s best for kids’ bedroom; a jungle book theme for your tiny ones will be rad.

Terra Cotta Tiles

Terra cotta is a clay-based ceramic tile, which can be glazed or unglazed. Add warmth and character to your interior with terra cotta tiles either as an accent wall or floors. Incorporate a rustic look in your home as the terra cotta tiles are back, and in case you are wondering, they never left.

Velvet Fabric

Create a royal and exclusive feel to your sweet home by adding a full upholstered wingback chairs in velvet fabric. A dark green velvet accent chair placed beside a wall in mute shade can be one of the many ways you can embrace the new home decor trend at home.

Trending Furniture Style

Update your interiors by revamping furniture according to the year’s trending style. 2017 invites varieties of furniture style like Classic Contemporary, Vintage, Modern, Bohemian and Minimalist.

Let us check what may suit your taste from the eclectic style range:

-This year do not go for classic, rather go for Classic Contemporary, which is a combination of two distinct styles. In other words, this style is a fusion of simple, plain design with plush materials and intricate trims in form of carves and curves.

-Old is gold, Vintage style furniture justifies this proverb. Furniture style that is too old to be considered “used” but not as old as Grandma.Furniture style inspired from the late 19th century furniture style is termed as Modern style It features very sleek looks, with straight lines and long tapered legs.

-Are you the artistic type who likes to explore experiment and reinvent? If yes, Bohemian is the style to experiment with. It may appear chaotic at first, but it is not!

-Minimalist is a style that uses pared down design elements. Minimalist is one elegant furniture style, to explain it in few words: it is simple, it’s tasteful and it transcends trend.

Statement Ceilings

The trend of an accent wall is now passed on to an accent ceiling that can make your space stand out. Faux wooden ceiling is one of the best ways to make your interiors stand out. These days, we are more conscious of the ambience besides taste of the food served at a restaurant. As a result, restaurants and cafes are opting for faux material ceiling to create mesmerising ambience.

Marble and Brass

White marble features a very natural and clean look when combined with hard industrial metal called brass. Embellish your house with brass vases, photo frames or antique showpieces and update your house. Brass is the new copper in 2017.

Quirky Lighting

Brightness of light is a way to happiness entering our house. This year ‘Be Different’ in the way you plan your lighting. Open up your imagination and decorate your interior with quirky yet unique ideas of lighting. For instance, a plain and coloured jar with bulbs in it, hanging upside down above the dining area is one way to update your lighting.

Alfresco Seating

Experience the feeling of being away from the confines of four walls, while at home.  Alfresco seating offers a slice of the outdoors. It is a smart way to escape your daily routine. Alfresco or outdoor seating allows you to be part of nature right at home through an open extended balcony, terrace or the lawn. Enjoy your morning or evening coffee on weather resistant patio furniture. Weaved furniture is ‘IN’ this 2017. Decorate your veranda setting by embellishing it using climbing plants and flowering vines. These add an element of visual interest and a sense of being amidst nature.