6 Reasons To Have Made To Order Furniture For Your Home

  • February 14, 2017
  • By admin

Black dress, pearl earring, nude stilettoes and you are good to go. We design ourselves, our life on our own terms in the way we want. Why stay mute when it comes to furnishing our house? Go exclusive, with custom built furniture.

Regular furniture pieces are everywhere. Am not saying they are a bad choice but neither are they the best option if you happen to be a person who appreciates good taste and exclusivity in life. Here is where made-to-order furniture comes into the picture. If you crave for designer pieces or furniture pieces that meet their utilitarian goals with a measure of style and class and perhaps even a touch of uniqueness then custom furniture is your way to go. Here are 6 reasons to convince your mind on why to get yourself a custom made furniture today.



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Design Your Own Furniture

You get to meet the artist within you. Rather than compromise with the plain old designs available in stores, handmade furniture gives you the liberty to break through the cliché and come up with designs that you fancy. Have it carved, paint it in your favourite colour, bend or flex for that stunning design; it’s your call. You can have it styled the way you desire in the end proving to be exclusively your furniture. But keep in mind it should not falter on being functional and step down from serving its fundamental purpose.


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Made for You

No matter if you go to a furniture shop with a measuring tape and buy a furniture or two. There are chances of you ending up with an inappropriate size only to return it back. Unlike dress or shoes returning furniture is a tedious task. Sometimes you do return it and sometimes in order to accommodate you start moving other objects around. In the process you miss out on the accents of your personal space making it look dull. A custom built furniture avoids all the above issues. Since you are personally involved in the process of furniture making, you get to make sure your dream furniture fits your space and does exactly what you want it to and the way you desire.


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Build to Last

Furniture bought online or from a physical furniture store can spark scepticism. That is whether the raw or processed materials used to make a piece of furniture is durable enough to last for years and in the same condition. Not so with custom handmade furniture. These provide us with transparency. In other words we get to be on the same page that the skilled craftsmen involved in making a product are. They help us with first-hand information over the wood, fabric, etcetera used and their characteristics in terms of quality, durability and resilience.


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Be Friends with Environment

Consider this. On building a custom handmade wood furniture that is durable and fixable, we by 60 percent contribute to the environment. How? By the said approach we are reducing the risk of replacing our furniture every 2-3 years and in that process we avoid the felling of numerous trees. Besides, there are several others ways where we can minimise environmental risk. This we can by building eco-friendly furniture, to list down we can:

-Repurpose old wood furniture

-Buy wood via Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) (a standard of certification that controls clear-cutting and promotes good working conditions)


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Celebrate Talent

Custom made furniture in its own way is celebrating skilled craftsmanship. Else we would never realize that there exist artisans who are greatly talented, who through their skills can provide us with beautiful furniture pieces. Collaborating with these talented custom furniture makers is a superb opportunity of not just getting an insight of their talent but also valuing them while learning a trick or two in return.


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Tale to Tell

Beholding the design in your mind come into reality and become a part of your home decor is an adventure in itself and also a very satisfying experience. It then starts to hold an emotional quotient and in return we come to value and in a way fee attached to that furniture. The good thing about it is we then tend to take more care of it than we may otherwise.

The conclusion is custom made furniture gives one satisfaction and style you are likely looking for. Also, it assures durability and helps transform the house into a home, one that truly reflects you and your aspirations. If you have a furniture in mind that suits your taste and will complement your lifestyle besides playing a role in your personal space, wait no more and go design your own furniture and make it a reality.