7 Best Open Plan Living Room Ideas

  • July 25, 2017
  • By admin

Open floor plans have become quite popular these days. Decorating a house built in open floor layout can be confusing for someone moving from a closed floor plan. Wide space, furniture setting, home decor – one has to ponder over them with a different angle. This article will show you how to decorate open plan living room in seven effective steps.

Before going further let us understand what an open plan living room is. In a gist, it is a single spacious room uniting the living room, dining room and kitchen. A home with this layout has positive and cohesive quality. Get-togethers are comfortable, and the cook of the family will not feel left out when the entire family is enjoying a movie or laugh. Closed floor plans have persuaded us to spend most of our time at home in our bedrooms. But, an open floor plan contributes in establishing a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Follow the below listed seven tips to decorate open plan living room

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Wall Paint

Wall is what you notice first after entering a room. Giving your walls a right shade of paint and accessories is important. Colour of your wall speaks about you, your taste and preferences. After all, we all tend to paint our favourite colour. I cried to have my bedroom painted pink during my toddler days. But, if you ask me to paint my wall today, I will give it a flint shade. If you have an ache for creativity, own an accent wall. An accent wall looks different from other walls of the room. It can have designs and patterns along with a solid colour.

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Wall shelves

Wall shelves can decorate bedroom, family room, office and just about any space. Place it anywhere and it adds an element of beauty and aesthetics to the room. Wall shelves are available in various types like floating shelf, standing shelf, L-shape corner shelf and more. Choose your accentuating shelf according to your space and taste. Well, shelving alone will not decorate your living room. Embellish it with home decor items like frames, flower arrangements and vases to enhance the look of your space.

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Sofa Set

Living room is where you host your guests and relatives. Now you cannot walk them to your bedroom for seating all the time. Hence, a sofa set makes for an integral furniture for the living room. Along with its practical usage, sofa has a quality of lifting your lifestyle impression. A sofa set spreads its beauty and gives your living space style and charm. Keep the back of your sofa facing towards the dining space and it will act as a partition. Make sure this furniture complements the colour of your walls and curtains. Opting for a right colour plays an important role in designing and decorating your home.

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Curtains were earlier used as window covering to block sunrays from entering the room, and to add a sense of privacy. Lately, we have started using it as an interior decorating item. Hanging beautiful curtains in your living room tend to add grace and finesse. Again, if you wish to see the magic curtains bring into your room, choose the right colour and shade. Your interior decor items need to match each other for the room to feel cohesive, warm and pleasant. That does not mean you place yellow furniture, flowers and curtains because the walls have yellow shade.

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Coffee tables

Coffee tables tune well with sofa sets. In fact, a sofa set looks incomplete without a coffee table. Adding to its complementary feature and its unique practical form, it is amongst the fundamental factors of home decor. Someone looking for open plan living room ideas should definitely opt for a coffee table. This piece of furniture suits best as a centre table and adds extra comfort in your living interiors.

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Dining set

We all long to have a separate dining area. An open floor plan fulfils that wish by offering a separate space for dining. When talking about open plan living room ideas, a dining set acts as an element of decor here. It is important to consider the size of the room when pondering on furniture. If you have a large space, one can pick a 6-seater or 8-seater dining set as well. Whereas, while decorating small open plan living room one needs to limit themselves to a space friendly 4-seater dining set. To know more about decorating your dining space, visit, Easy yet exquisite dining room ideas.

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Sideboards, also known as credenza is used to display and store kitchen wares. It is a desirable and fashionable accessory to add in your cooking space, which acts as storage for your glassware and serve ware. It helps highlighting your kitchen area in this spacious room. One can have a hard time focusing on both, storing and decorating small open plan living room. There is where a sideboard comes to the rescue as you can use for storage and a showcase at the same time.