Practical Guide to Buying Dining Table

  • August 9, 2017
  • By admin

Dining space is the place where we with our family and friends gather for meals and celebrate the opportunity to reconnect. It is the place where conversations happen, meals are shared and memories made. Where we enjoy the company of loved ones time to time, in the ambience of love and care.

As our dining room plays such a special role in our lives, it is important to have a right dining table. Here I share with you several important points to consider before buying dining table for your dining room.

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Make a Plan

Before buying your table consider these important questions: How big is your dining space? How many people live in your home? Number of guests you will entertain during holidays or gatherings? Try to answer all of these questions above as it will help narrow down your choices. Look for a table, which is at least 36 inches wide. Also if possible try to leave approximately 42 to 48 inches between your new table and the walls. A mathematically, well-balanced plan ensures free flow of traffic, also makes sure diners do not bump elbows with each other.

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Visual Compatibility

 Dining table in a lighter shade is always a smart choice especially if you have a dark themed interior. Nobody likes the idea of eating on a dark colour table unless you have bright colour interiors. A bright colour dining table brings lot of light and energy as well as gives a sense of positive dining experience.

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Space Saving Dining Tables

 Placing a classic huge dining set, which accommodates 8-10 people is a great idea. In fact, they are ideal for a large group or dinner parties. However, opt for a large dining set only if you have a large space and your lifestyle demands it. Having a large dining table can pose certain issues like shortage of space and lack of easy traffic flow. Hence buy or customize a dining set, which saves your space as well as is ideal for regular use and endures every day wear and tear with ease. You can explore options from our collection of modern dining table sets. They are specially fashioned for apartments and small dining spaces. Never underestimate the potential of a round dining table with a drawer for flatware and napkins. It looks as elegant as any other designer or classic dining set. It tucks in all the chairs when not in use and does not leave any uneven areas thus provides ample of space.

Latest Dining Table Designs

 Never hesitate to experiment with latest dining table designs they are the amalgamation of craftsmanship, elegance and practicality. Gone are the days where dining sets meant a rectangular table with few chairs. People nowadays are more open for ideas like accenting their dining room with benches complemented by a couch and bar stools. Or extendable tables as it gives flexibility of large seating without engaging the extra space all the time. It accommodates extra guests with a discrete panel, which you can pull upwards from the middle of the table and shift it back when the meal is over. It is latest, ultra-mod and very ‘non-formal’.

Dining room is the heart of the house and it holds super potential to manifest elegance and class of your home interior. Your dining table brings the look and feel of your dining room together, transforming into a centrepiece. Invest your time and effort into choosing the correct one. Focus to create an inviting ambience for sitting and dining. Try variations like laminated finishes or go raw. Play with colours by mixing two or more shades, like a brown table with white and beige colour chairs. Never forget nor compromise on comfort.