Upgrade Your Living Style with Furniture That Suits Your Lifestyle

  • February 14, 2017
  • By admin

Life is a reflection of our choices. You cannot simply discount life to being alive. There is more and your lifestyle reflects it. Home is where life thrives so make the best when it comes to your decor with lifestyle home furniture.

The way you live tells a lot about your personality and outlook. Things you choose, decorate and the way you present your space matters. People draw ideas of you from your decor. Furniture plays a critical role in defining the home and respectively one’s lifestyle. Do the furniture you own complement your lifestyle? Perhaps it is time you update your life with lifestyle home furniture.




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What is Lifestyle Furniture?

Lifestyle furniture is different from regular ones. A furniture offering you more or beyond its primary role of being utilitarian can be termed as lifestyle furniture. Yes, they are functional pieces but more importantly focus on presenting great value in terms of classy design, eclectic styling and premium build quality. Lifestyle home furniture is created with an intent to reflect your taste and complement one’s lifestyle needs with élan.

Here are key characteristics to identify lifestyle home furniture amidst a sea of utilitarian furniture along with the variety available. A simple way to filter out regular furniture from lifestyle ones is price. Now, they do not come cheap. Why? There are many reasons and to add, well justified ones. If you are among those buyers who look for excellent price to value products, read on to know the reasons.



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Timeless Designs

Browse for lifestyle furniture online and you are in for a concoction of eye-catching designs–one of the foremost characteristics of lifestyle furniture. These designs are result of pure ingenuity and a desire for excellence. Lifestyle home furniture come in distinctive designs. Each hallmarks a period in time with highlights of the social, cultural and geographical factors involved. Artistic inclination and the spirit of innovation being the foundation. As a result there is a wide variety to choose from. From highly ornate and elaborate pieces to sleek, minimal ones. Lifestyle home furniture can feature simple functional designs to uber-fashionable cum multi-functional types. A true eclectic mix of art and practicality.


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Style Excellence

On par with distinct and diverse designs, there is no dearth in style either. Go to any lifestyle furniture store online and it becomes evident. Lifestyle home furniture come in plenty of styles and each reflect their angle of influence–time period, trend, culture and other relative factors. Traditional, art deco, modern, country, industrial and contemporary are among the most-sought after styles world over.

Quick Overview of Popular Furniture Styles

Traditional – This style mainly refers to formal furniture from the Victorian era (Queen Anne, Chippendale and Sheraton style). Noteworthy features include elaborately decorated pieces, artistic embellishments, finely tapered legs and contrasting inlays. Traditional style furniture is all about being regal.

Art Deco – Originated in the 1920s, this style is about sleek, ant-traditional elegance that highlights wealth and sophistication. Geometric-angular shapes, curvilinear forms, bold colours and the use of materials like chrome, glass, mirrors, glossy fabrics and the kind characterize the flamboyant style of art deco furniture.

Modern – A product of the 1900s modernist movement, this distinctive style is all about sleek and stylish home interiors with an emphasis on function and practicality. The common characteristics of modern style furniture are clean lines, organic curves, geometric shapes and use of bold and vivid colours.

Country (French provincial) – This style features a classic and country feel to it characterized by the style popular in the French provinces during the 17th and 18th Beautiful patterns, graceful scalloped carvings, simple colour tones, ladder back chairs, sideboards and armoires with decorative mouldings are some key features of this warm and cosy style.

Industrial – This style aims to achieve a raw, unfinished look with an edgy style. It is all about being minimal and no-nonsense. It is also synonymous to being rustic or vintage. The standout feature is the chic interplay of wood and metal. Other notable characteristics are strong, clean lines, warm and neutral colours. Industrial style furniture is a celebration of ingenuity.

Contemporary – This style stands for style and trends of our present times. Unlike traditional furniture that characterise classic appeal, contemporary furniture features a subtle and urban edge with clean looks. Contemporary style infuses with modern designs while employing simple and clean lines with a focus to comfort. Other characteristics include light, airy and visually attractive pieces with a modest and minimalist appeal.


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Built for Value

As highlighted above, lifestyle home furniture is an embodiment of aesthetics and excellent craftsmanship. True to it, all lifestyle furniture are handmade employing the choicest materials. Be it wood, metal or any other per need. However, wood tops the list for it offers great flexibility in terms of workmanship, longevity and resilience. Hence, a popular choice with artisans since ancient times. The most favoured woods are teak wood, sal wood, rose wood, mango wood, mahogany, pine and many others. These offers excellent value and thus make a good choice as investment pieces. As a result you will observe lifestyle furniture catalogues especially wooden furniture ones beam with artistic and beautiful handcrafted pieces.

In conclusion, lifestyle home furniture are truly a premium pick among regular ones. Their price is justified for all that they offer in return not just today or tomorrow but for years or decades to come. Give your home, your interiors a real makeover it well deserves with premium lifestyle home furniture that truly suit and complement your lifestyle.