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Order Placement

On placement of order, we will send you an order confirmation mail listing all relevant details pertaining to your order. As we specialize in made-to-order, we start work on your order only after payment confirmation. Made to order products are shipped in three to four weeks on order confirmation. Ordered product will reach you in four to five weeks post confirmation.


We ship our products all over India. This includes major metro cities as well as other cities and towns all over India. You will need to provide us with a valid and complete shipping address.


Our logistic partners will deliver the product at your doorstep. However in certain exceptional cases where the product needs to be taken into a specific room or if some extra arrangements needs to be made to take the product to the desired location at the time of delivery, due to inaccessibility posed by small/limited/insufficient space of road, path, gate, doorway etc , our logistic Partner(s) will charge an extra/additional fee. Customer will need to pay this fee in cash to the responsible courier person at the time of delivery. This additional charge is also applicable to residences/businesses that may have a steep uphill or downhill Slope(s), which lead to the entrance.

Customer will be responsible to ensure access is suitable for the delivery of their ordered product. Afydecor will not entertain nor accept order cancellation at the time of delivery due to the above mentioned inaccessibility issues.

Octroi and Local Taxes

Our shipping charges do not include octroi and entry taxes otherwise applicable to items brought in from other states (applicable in certain states only). You will need to pay them and any other local taxes at the time of delivery. In the event, if any relevant forms (s) are mandatory towards state specific purpose, you will need to issue it to us via courier or electronic mail in order to be attached with the consignment on its dispatch.